Last updated: Feb 8, 2021

Insu Jang
System Software Engineer TmaxSoft Inc.
I am a system software engineer in cloud division at TmaxSoft Inc. I am interested in distributed computing, heterogeneous computing, non-volatile memory, and serverless computing.


I am applying to Ph.D. programs. Expected to start in Fall 2021.


  1. Heterogeneous Isolated Execution for Commodity GPUs [paper] [slides]
    Insu Jang, Adrian Tang, Taehoon Kim, Simha Sethumadhavan, and Jaehyuk Huh
    ASPLOS 2019


Honors and Awards

  • Korea National Fellowship. from Korea Ministry of Science and ICT, 2016 - 2018
  • National Scholarship for Science and Engineering. from Korea Student Aid Foundation (KOSAF), 2014 - 2016
  • 2nd Award, 2015 Convergence App Contest. from College of Software, Sungkyunkwan University, Dec 2015
  • Deans' List Award. from Department of Computer Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University, Apr 2015
  • Deans' List Award. from Department of Computer Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University, Oct 2014
  • 1st Prize, 2013 Smart TV and Peripherals Contest. from Korea Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Nov 2013
  • 1st Prize, 2013 Mobile E-learning App Idea Contest. From Korea Ministry of Education, Sep 2013


  • Reimplementing Hyperloop
    (A research project as a research assistant at KAIST)

    Due to a copyright issue, the implementation of Hyperloop is not opened. To perform a research based on Hyperloop, we had no choice but to reimplement it. During implementing Hyperloop, we studied Infiniband and RoCE RDMA. Unfortunately, it was not able to reproduce properly in implementing remote-work request manipulation, a key idea of Hyperloop.

  • HIX: Heterogeneous Trusted Execution Environment
    (A research project as a graduate research assistant at KAIST)

    Extend the proection scope of hardware-based trusted execution environment (TEE) technology to heterogenoues computing devices, e.g. GPUs or FPGAs. Based on the insight that Intel SGX protects the data in address translation (TLB entries are not inserted into the TLB for unauthorized accesses) and modern high performance device access is done through memory-mapped I/O (MMIO), we extended the protection mechanism for accessing device access through MMIO.

  • RTSR: Real Time Video Super Resolution
    (KAIST Spring 2017 CS570 Machine Learning Project)

    Applied a state of the art deep learning based Single Image Super Resolution (SISR) technique named VDSR into videos. Instead of applying SISR to all video frames, we used it only into I-frame in the H.264 group of picture structure to apply super resolution in real time speed.
    Implementation is based on Pytorch, VDSR on Pytoch, FFmpeg, and a simple FFmpeg player.


    [Report] [PPT] [Youtube]

  • HEAD: HardwarE Accelerated Deduplication
    (KAIST Fall 2016 CS710 Topics in Computing Acceleration with FPGA Project)

    Implemented Xilinx FPGA based implementation for file data dedpuplication. Used Murmurhash for fast, and partial parallel hashing algorithm to boost deduplication fingerprinting process.
    [PPT] [Code]

  • SUNSHINE: Service for You to eNhance Self-management Helpfully and Intelligently from Now to forEver
    (KAIST Spring 2016 CS442 Mobile Computing and Applications Project)

    Proposed an intelligent way to control mobile app execution and Internet browser contents based on ‘contents related factor’ analysis. The control is done in a system level, and a prototype implementation is on Android AOSP 5.0.
    [Report] [PPT]

    In October 2019, a similar feature (restricting app executions) called Focus Mode has been implemented in Samsung Galaxy’s One UI 2.0 three years later of our project!

  • CSMA/CN: Collision Notification for 802.11 WLAN with BLE
    (KAIST Spring 2016 CS546 Wireless Mobile Internet Project)

    Proposed a way to notify a collision from a router to clients with Bluetooth Low Energy while it is sending its data. Solved a problem of half-duplex Wi-Fi constraints.
    [Proposal] [Code]

  • Energy Aware Real-time Scheduling Algorithm on ARM big.LITTLE HMP Architecture
    (Sungkyunkwan University Fall 2015 ECE5756 Real Time Systems Special Topics Project)

    Proposed an algorithm to reduce power consumption while keep real-time constraints with a low-overhead heuristic mathmatical calculation.

  • My Summary Note: Automatic Note Summary Application
    (Sungkyunkwan University Fall 2015 ICE3037 Design Capstone Project)

    Awarded an excellence prize in 2015 Convergence App Contest. Proposed an automatic way of user’s note summaries in PDFs with a Android tablet.
    [Report (Korean)] [PPT (Korean)]

  • Data Transmission with Inaudible Sound
    (A research project as an undergraduate research assistant, Jul 2014 - May 2015)

    Proposed a short-distance data transmission mechanism between microphones and speakers embedded in off-the-shelf smartphones.
    [Paper (Unpublished)]

  • MoleRush: Smart TV - Android Interactive Game
    (Samsung Software Membership Project, Sep 2013)

    Awarded the grand prize in 2013 Smart TV and Peripherals Contest. Designed a game using smartphones as controllers, and a smart TV as a display board. At most 4 players can play together, and more families can enjoy the game together by seeing the smart TV.

    molerush [Youtube]